A kingdom between sky and sea

Hiking Trail in Tavolara

Island of Tavolara is a majestic limestone mountain that rises to 565 meters above the sea. It’s a pearl of Gallura, located in a strait of sea among the most spectacular of all the Mediterranean. Tavolara appears like a mountain fallen from the sky, it remain suspended between the blue sea and the white clouds.

Reached Tavolara after one hour and a half walking, we'll reach the place called 'Pratone', from this incredible natural terrace we'll have incredible views over the Gulf of Olbia. Pratone is accessible by facing an equipped trail called Via Ferrata, it's absolutely necessary to have: Via Ferrata Kit, Helmet and Harness. Although it's needed to use the technical equipment, the level of difficulty is suitable for anyone who is trained and with no fear of heights (dizziness). For participants who don't feel sure to face via Ferrata, they should wait the group in 'Pratone'.

After Via Ferrata we'll reach Punta Cannone: It’s the top of the island and we’ll offer a panoramic view that extends from Capo Coda Cavallo to the Gulf of Olbia, until Corsica and Strait of Bonifacio. Unbelievable! On the top of Tavolara we'll have a break of 30 minutes ideal for eating the packed lunch.

After the breack we will start the descent. At the end of the day we'll have the possibility to enjoy the seaside and have a swim in Tavolara beach.


Price includes private boat, helmet, via ferrata carabiners and harness.

You have to bring with you at least 2 liters of water per person, packed lunch, fruit, snacks and a backpack.

Backpack must contain also via ferrata carabiners and harness.

Ideal shoes are trekking shoes/boots with hard sole.

You can also bring a swimsuit and beach towel. We will put them in a baskets at the base of the island.

Meeting time is at 6.45 am at ‘Porto San Paolo’ (

 booking small



  Where: Olbia, Gallura

  Kilometers: 7

  Difference in Altitude: 650 meters

  Time Required: 6 hours (depending on the group)

  Difficulty: EEA, Experienced Hiker, Self Belay

  Trail: karst,  hard trail

  Technical equipment: Harness, Helmet, Via Ferrata Kit for Self Belay

  Meal: packed lunch

  Water: 2,5 liters per person


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