S'Istrada Longa


S'Istrada Longa is a wonderful hike that crosses the wildest part of the Coastal Supramonte (Ogliastra) and allow us to discover two unique wonders  that Mother Nature has carved in white limestone: The Ledge of S'Istrada Longa and S 'Arcada Manna. We'll start our adventure not far from the top of Bruncu Sartainosti (931 meters) and then steeply we'll descend to the majestic Bacu (Valley) S'Orruargiu. In front of us will open a marvellous panorama of the valley bordered by towering limestone walls: it seems to be really in a corner of the world that the time and space have preserved wild and pristine.

Along S'Istrada Longa we'll have to follow the limestone ledge that slowly taper off more and more, simply giving us a narrow path suspended halfway up the imposing Bacu S'Orrargiu. The nature around us is quite outstanding, we'll seem to be catapulted into the fantasy world of Tolkien's Middle Earth !. Down the wall of this wonderful Bacu we'll be ready to go up the opposite side where we'll discover a painful natural arch called S'Arcada Manna. Once again we'll be delighted by the spectacle upon us, the force of Mother Nature created this colossal natural arch that connects Bacu S'Orruargiu with Bacu Urutzò, that we are going to go up. The Supramonte once again gives us a glimpse of the world of incomparable beauty.





  Where: Baunei

  Kilometers: 11

  Difference in Altitude: 650 meters

  Time Required: 6 hours

  Difficulty: EE

  Trail: karst,  hard trail

  Meal: packed lunch

  Water: 2 liters per person


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