Riu 'e Forru is a small and spectacular canyon located in the heart of Barbagia between the towns of Arzana and Villagrande Strisaili. In this part of Sardinia dominate the rugged and wild mountains and hills typical of the Sardinian hinterland, here the anthropization is almost nothing except for the few fins of the shepherds that since dawn of the days here dwelt.

Left the SS389 we'll take the road to the 'Upper Flumendosa'. Driving on this roads bring us back to the past with few sign of civilization and the wild nature around us. Crossed the bridge on the great Rio Flumendosa we'll park the car at the end of the valley under big oak trees. From here we'll hike for 30 minutes until reaching the upper part of a road that leads to the sheepfold Pirincanes. In this part river is characterized by wide and very spectacular gorge.

Once we'll reach the upper part of the road we can admire the panorama around us. In a southerly direction we will see the 'Sa Perda Liana' monolith, following east direction we will take a dirt road adjacent to the old sheepfold which in a few minutes takes us to intercept the course of Rio 'e Forru. The river will immediately take on the characteristic of the gorge: high walls and spectacular verticality. In a short time we will reach the first rappel of 18 meters which leads to a beautiful and wild natural pool close to the waterfall. Immediately we'll face the most suggestive part of the river with another natural pool of exceptional beauty to be reached with a rappel of 23 meters alongside the waterfall. The next rappel is a large slide of 15 meters ending in a small natural pool. From here begins the most horizontal stretch of the canyon which ends in the beautiful Pirincanes gorge.

The last part of the day is a water-hiking of 2,5 kilometers that lead us to our cars.


   Town: Arzana

  Time required: 6 ore

  Difficulty: Canyoning for beginners

  Equipment provided by us: Harness, Helmet, Wetsuit

  Lunch: you have to bring after-canyon packed lunch, waterproof snacks and water (500ml) during the canyon


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