Canyoning in River Pitrisconi - San Teodoro

Canyoning Rio Pitrisconi Piscine e CascateCanyoning Rio Pitrisconi Piscine e Cascate

Canyoning in Rio Pitrisconi allow us to admire and cross wonderful gorges carved into granite rock created by the flow of Rio Pitrisconi! We are in the magical and action focused world of Canyoning. Pitrisconi is the only canyon in Sardinia where the water flows constant throughout the year making possible to dive and swim in an incredible natural context.

Canyoning Rio Pitrisconi Piscine e Cascate Calata in cordaCanyoning Rio Pitrisconi Piscine e Cascate Dive

Pitrisconi it's an easy canyoning and the adventure is suitable for beginners who want to explore for the first time the world of Canyoning!



    • All participants will be equipped with the necessary technical equipment (harness, helmet and wetsuit) to have fun safely.

  • Price of the day canyoning is 60 Euro




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